The GALA Standards Initiative

The GALA Standards Initiative began in 2011. In two short years, it has grown into an industry-leading cooperative effort under a new name: Collaborative Research, Innovation and Standards Program (CRISP). Find out more here.


Below is a summary of the philosophy and early work behind the GALA Standards Initiative:


Making Standards Work for the Localization Industry

The GALA Standards Initiative promotes the effective use of standards for international and multilingual content, builds awareness of best practices for their implementation, and helps the localization community make open standards work.


The GALA Standards Initiative is an open effort to promote the use and development of standards in the localization industry by providing the community with resources to make better use of current standards, improving standards development, and developing new resources needed to enable standards to meet evolving business needs.


Initial GALA Standards Initiative Engagements
The GALA Standards Initiative focused initially on the following projects:

  • Coordination of standards-development activity: The GALA Standards Initiative has established liaison relationships with such key industry-standards bodies as ISO TC 37, ETSI, Unicode, and OASIS to help bridge the gap between standards development and industry requirements.
  • The Language Interoperability Portfolio (Linport) project aims to develop a vendor-neutral, standards-based method of sending and receiving translation/localization data to increase efficiency and tool interoperability.
  • QTLaunchPad, a preparatory project for a larger endeavor to improve machine translation, based on a plan and roadmap embracing both industry and research on the European level.
  • Development of the GALA LT Advisor, a directory of translation technology and other language resources, including standards compliance information.
  • Free quarterly webinars on industry standards-related developments.


Initial GALA Standards Initiative Staff and Volunteers

Arle Lommel (GALA Standards Coordinator)


Serge Gladkoff (GALA Standards Initiative Director)


Plus many volunteers throughout the industry who have given advice, feedback, and suggestions on shaping this initiative for the benefit of the industry.


We thank all those who helped start, fund, and maintain the GALA Standards Initiative!


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