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We invite you to learn more about GALA and connect with GALA members through our social media outlets:

GALA Facebook Group

The GALA Facebook group offers an excellent way to keep current with recent GALA events and news, as well as to connect with GALA members and partners. Join the GALA Facebook Group.

GALA LinkedIn Group

The GALA group on LinkedIn includes GALA member company employees as well as end users and consultants. Join this group of over 1600 professionals. Join the GALA LinkedIn Group.

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In addition to letting folks know about the services we offer, we also tweet about industry trends, great blogs, news and more. Follow us at GALA_Global—and we'll follow you!  Follow GALA on Twitter.

GALA on YouTube

Check out videos of GALA activities.  Click here.

GALA on Flickr

Check out photos submitted by members from Local Networking Events, GALA 2009 Cancun, GALA 2010 Prague, and GALA 2011 Lisbon.


The GALA Blog is a space to gather, collate and discuss the localization Industry. We invite you to participate in this open, frank exchange.  Visit the GALA Blog.

GALA Connect

GALA Connect is a peer-to-peer exchange platform that allows GALA members and industry professionals to network, exchange information, participate in committee or task force initiatives, share documents and more. Join GALA Connect.