AGIS Africa: An Initiative to Promote African Language in the Information Society

GALA is proud to announce the launch of the AGIS Africa initiative on 19 November 2012. This initiative, supported by GALA and The Rosetta Foundation, envisages a five-year program hosted by the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) and co-hosted by the Localisation Research Centre (LRC) at the University of Limerick (Ireland). The goal of this program is to:

  • Develop localization capacities in languages and for content that are currently not adequately covered,  specifically in the African context,
  • Create awareness of the benefits of localization,  specifically in the African context,  for business and society, and
  • Raise funds for the implementation of this program.

This program will initially select 5 African students to join the Master of Science (MSc) in Multilingual Computing and Localization program of the University of Limerick for the 2013-2014 academic year. The students will be selected from North, South, West, East, and Central Africa based on their submission as part of a competitive application process. Proposals will be selected by an Expert Working Group on African language localization. The students will pursue the master's degree program with a view toward creating or developing localization-related social enterprises in their countries after they graduate. As part of the program, they will work with GALA member companies for learning, mentorship, partnering and other opportunities.

The expected outcomes from AGIS Africa are:

  • Students graduating with the MSc degree in Multilingual Computing and Localization
  • Teachers, technicians, professionals and experts in multilingual computing and localization trained on the African continent
  • Innovative localization-related social enterprises created or developed by the graduates in their own countries.
  • Partnerships between the students, their enterprises and GALA member companies
  • Localization benefits specially for the African context, for business and society

For questions and to participate in AGIS Africa, contact .

Formal Launch of AGIS Africa at the University of Limerick on 19 November 2012.

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